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Moi mien jong! How are you doing? Kgoa weer! Moi!
This ain't vandalism!
Of course it is! What else could it possibly be?
"It's art, with a large K!"

~ dGA.

OMG! A it's bad pun only Dutchophones will understand! Run for your lives!

"Dutchphones? WTF?!??? A new brand of yellow sellphones? I want one!"

~ Das Film


Buy them Sell Phones! (Und verbesser deines Deutsch, es ist "der" Film, du blöde Schwanz!)
Mais non! Tu es très bête! Et tu est vert et noir et blue et cetera! Et tu es un cheval aussi!
Siyo leo! Mimi ni baiskeli ya kirumanji! Kiswahili anahukumu!
I'm not a german-talking bike! I'm the yellow cheese running around your mothers dinner table!
That was you! I'll hit you with my Danish pølløpføl! I'll never trust a French fungus cheese again! You spoiled my childhood!
"Sorry, but i'm going insane!"

~ Lulletje rosenwater

lalalalalala donkey's suck!


"YOU tOo! Dirty green sheep,

that's what you are!"

~ ...